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The Chicago Park District has installed a life ring at the Rogers Park pier where 19-year-old Miguel Cisneros drowned last month. Park District spokesperson Michele Lemons confirmed the agency had placed two life rings at Tobey Prinz Beach Park last Friday, including one at Pratt Pier, where Cisneros drowned Aug. 22 after jumping into the lake for a swim. After Cisneros died, Rogers Park residents had taken it upon themselves to place life rings — at least four — on the pier. Each time, the Park District removed the rings. Cisneros’ mother, Maria Diaz, had called for life rings to be placed at the pier and across the lakefront. A life ring was installed by the Chicago Park District at the end of the pier at Loyola Beach near Tobey Prinz Beach, Sept. 13, 2021, in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. (Erin Hooley / Chicago Tribune) The decision to place a life ring at Pratt Pier is a reversal from a Park District announcement last Wednesday. At the Park District’s board meeting that day, general counsel Timothy King announced a pilot program to install life rings at some locations along Chicago’s lakefront but company website said the program would only apply to areas already deemed “safe to swim” — unlike the pier where Cisneros died. King also said Wednesday that the agency was in the process of deciding to restrict public access to some higher-risk areas along the lakefront. But on Monday, Lemons wrote in an email to the Tribune that “sanctioned and unsanctioned locations” would be considered as part of the agency’s life ring pilot program. She did not comment specifically on the decision to place a life ring at Pratt Pier. “Right now, that lone ring on Pratt Pier does not make me happy,” Diaz said Monday. Diaz said she was still calling for life rings to be installed throughout the city’s entire lakefront, and she hoped the Park District would install life rings in other unsanctioned swimming areas. “This is more than Miguel,” she added. Louise LeBourgeois, a longtime Rogers Park resident and one of the neighbors who had placed a life ring at the pier, echoed Diaz’s concern.

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